There are no passengers on “Spaceship Earth”. We are all crew.
(Marshall McLuhan)

The Ecologico International Film Festival (EIFF) is not just a film festival.
He deals with Independent Cinema, enhancing its peculiarities, merits and efforts.
The EIFF promotes, through cinema, a reflection on contemporary society. It does it through the projections of films that tell, explore and question the world we live in; it does so by meeting authoritative cultural figures and soliciting the comparison with the public.
It is an ecological festival in every sense, for the sustainability of its realization and for the message of opposition to bad daily habits.
The term “Ecological” should be understood in its broadest sense of the relationship of the human being with the habitats in which he lives: natural, cultural, social, political, economic and the dynamic relationships between them.

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EIFF 2021 - Submitted films

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EIFF 2021

Total: 985 films from 92 Countries (18 authors did not specify the provenance)
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