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Those who have participated in the Ecologico Film Festival in recent editions, as an author, journalist or simple observer, have brought us an image of us that has never coincided with the traditional one of a festival. Thus confirming to us that the proposed formula corresponded to our expectations: the EIFF is not just a film festival. Rather, we wanted it to be an opportunity for territorial animation, an experiment of social sharing that would lead to reflection and to give people back the ability to think. Furthermore, we wanted the EIFF to represent for the authors who participate in it a real opportunity for confrontation with the public, a meeting place for ideas as well as for people. For years, independent filmmakers and directors have courageously witnessed, through their films, the social conflicts and the difficult relationship between man and nature. In this sense, we believe that social cinema has a function of ``mirror`` which serves to raise awareness and to come out of the suggestions of our present ``built`` to not allow us to think independently. Therefore, what is important to us is to support the attention of the public on urgent contemporary issues, not to find solutions to problems, but rather to correspond to the need to know.

Franco Danieli

President of the Organizing Committee

Piergiorgio Conte

Visual director

Eugenia Donati

Festival data manager

Roberto Quarta
Roberto Quarta

Artistic director

Giulio Neglia

Director of Strategic Partnerships

Stefano Conte

Executive director

Michela Proietto

PR director