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The Ecologico International Film Festival (EIFF) is not just a film festival.
He deals with Independent Cinema, enhancing its peculiarities, merits and efforts.
The EIFF promotes, through cinema, a reflection on contemporary society. It does it through the projections of films that tell, explore and question the world we live in; it does so by meeting authoritative cultural figures and soliciting the comparison with the public.
It is an ecological festival in every sense, for the sustainability of its realization and for the message of opposition to bad daily habits.
The term “Ecological” should be understood in its broadest sense of the relationship of the human being with the habitats in which he lives: natural, cultural, social, political, economic and the dynamic relationships between them. This includes everything from the bodies we live in, to the physical structures, institutions and industries that human beings build, to the politics, languages ​​and cultural practices we use to communicate and, of course, the Earth-environment and its complex multitude. of life and processes.
We use cinema as a tool to stimulate discussion, promote public engagement and foster awareness on a wide range of social and environmental issues.
Our goal is to involve, enlighten and entertain audiences from all backgrounds, through films that investigate the complexity of reality through themes that celebrate, question and propose different ways of seeing the state of our world.
The intent is to not destroy or waste economic, human and temporal resources, and to seek, through a reduction in costs, to turn need into virtue.
The Ecologico International Film Festival does not intend to suggest solutions, but limits itself to stimulating change through individual awareness. At the same time, we are convinced that cultural growth contributes to the creation of new opportunities for sustainable economic and social development for the population and the territory, respectful of human rights and the environment.
The question we ask ourselves is: Can we improve the world we live in? The basic idea is that there can be no well-being if there is no “education in well-being”.
The EIFF proposes new and evocative “visions of the world”, promotes the change of lifestyles and promotes knowledge of possible alternatives to contemporary living through art, culture and cinema. Because we believe that art can also be a mediator of new opportunities to exist, to “be in the world” as Husserl would say.
The EIFF is not, therefore, just a competition in which directors will be shown.
Rewards are designed as an incentive to encourage not to discriminate. It is a party, a moment of sharing for the creation of a new environmental awareness.
Certainly coming to the EIFF is a participatory choice.
We wait for you!